Melissa Stubblefield

Melissa Stubblefield, the owner and principal consultant of Inspiring Purpose Consulting and Coaching LLC’s, is married with 4 children and 2 grandchildren. She is also a Veteran of the United States Marine Corps. Upon being honorably discharged, she began work as a Corrections Officer for Clark County Sheriffs Office, in the state of Indiana. She later began working for the State of New Jersey where she later became the first female to hold the position of  Commandant of the New Jersey Youth Challenge Academy. She received her BBA in Management and is currently working on her Masters in Organizational Leadership. Melissa is a certified Consultant and Expert Life Coach. She specializes in transitional life coaching. She believes that everyone should have the opportunity to pursue his or her life’s passion through entrepreneurship. Inspiring Purpose also helps Military Veterans by empowering them with tools necessary to transition back into civilian life after leaving the Armed Service. Melissa and her husband Andrew founded It’s Not About Us INC. A nonprofit organization geared toward assisting at risk youth find their way, feed and clothe those without. We desire to open a shelter for anyone who needs shelter. Through our S.T.A.R.S.NJ program, we are united by a commitment to benefit youth that have become at risk due to the loss of hope due to violence in their community. We offer Scholarships, educational programs, and vocational certificates to help them focus on their future and further pursue their passions in life. Helping them tap into their inner strengths that lies dormant. Angels Live Inc a 501c3 approve non profit organization started to help those that have lost during the COVID-19 pandemic as well as helps house homeless Veterans. Melissa is on the National Small Business Association’s Leadership Council. She is also a member of the New Jersey State Veterans Chamber of Commerce and an active member of Kappa Epsilon Psi Military Sorority Inc.

Quintina “Monnai” McDowell

Quintina Monnai McDowell, born and raised in Louisville, Kentucky is a graduate from Sullivan University and holds an associate’s degree in Business Administration & Management. Quintina went on to pursue her education at Ottawa University whereas she graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Management. She has worked as a Human Resources assistant, for the Office of Circuit Court Clerk in Jefferson County. She describes the OCCC as a great  place to work and has gained a lot of her experience and knowledge pertaining the community from her employment with the OCCC. In 2014, she had a revelation that forced her to change her outlook spiritual, emotional, and physically. She embarked on a journey that included acquiring knowledge about herself and how she foresees life. While on this journey she endured the passion for health & wellness and has always had a passion for children and to serve the community. Her passions lead her to mentoring other young children and young adults who were trying to either find themselves or seek guidance. In 2020, Quintina decided to start her own nonprofit organization with a mission to bring our youth together as one unit and become the center of successful talented youth. She believes that Louisville has a lot of talent that outside cities and states have yet to discover. She also believes in making a difference and if she could help at least one child, she could help many. During her free time she enjoys being a home body, reading, writing, spending time with family, laughing, and some traveling. She really loves cultural values. Quintina has 3 handsome sons, and 1 beautiful daughter, ages 25, 18, 8 & 20. She encourages her children daily to seek knowledge and always be “teachable”.