Below are a few fundamental answers to some frequently asked questions.

Know what type of business you would like start.

You must decide what type of business entity to form. Being indecisive can be very costly. Ensure you have your vision, mission/purpose written out before moving forward. Starting any type of business will require capital. It is very important to immediately begin to identify your start-up/operating costs. For example, business registration and/or incorporation fees within your state, IRS fees, outsourcing company documentation and consulting fees.

Schedule a one-on-one consultation.

This is the time when our clients sit down with a consultant and go over their plans to push their business forward.  Our Consultants will help you prepare your business plan. Ensure you include dreams and aspirations as well as short and long term goals.

Begin the process.

Starting a business is now easier than ever. Legal documentation for start-ups can now be completed online. Our consultants will guide and assist you in this process. We have found that our clients retain more information by applying direct experience to the task at hand. Relax we have your best interest at heart. We will be with you every step of the way. Your journey starts now.